Saw Blade

Polycrystalline Diamond Saw Blade

PCD series of products have the features of hardness, abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity, together with toughness of tungsten carbide. The tool life is usually 30 to 50 times longer than that of the conventional cemented carbide cutting tool. You can find many advantages of PCD tools, such as long cutting life, uniform surface finish, reducing high quality parts, increasing productivity, high material removal rate and lower cost per piece.

  • Table Saw Blade

  • Panel Sizing Saw Blade

  • Scoring Saw Blade

  • PCB Sizing Saw Blade

  • V-cutter / PCB V-cutter

  • PCB Trimming Cutter

  • Flooring Sizing Saw Blade

  • Ceramic Sizing Saw Blade

  • Plexiglass Saw

  • Pre-cutter

  • Profile Cutter

  • Chamfer-Cutter

  • Finish-Cutter

  • Combination Cutter

  • R Cutter

  • Planning Cutter(1+1)

  • Planning Cutter(2+1)

  • Planning Cutter(2+2)

  • Planning Cutter(3+2)

  • Planning Cutter(3+3)

  • Profile Router Bit

  • Router bit(1+1)
    Teeth Pattern

  • Router bit(2+2)
    Teeth Pattern

  • Router bit(1+1)
    Straight Teeth Pattern

  • Router bit(1+1)
    Oblique Teeth Pattern

  • Router bit(3+3)
    Teeth Pattern