Industrial Knives
and Cutters

Paper and Corrugated paper (Carton) box

Circular knives for paper and pulp cutting are indispensable for slitting sheet materials.
Sharp slitting quality is required, so the knife edges are precisely ground and finished to customer specifications.
Knives for slitting corrugated sheet grooves are made of materials with excellent abrasion resistance for slitting strong and thick corrugated board, and can be manufactured in a variety of shapes to suit customer needs, with a uniform finish without crushing the slitting surface.
The high durability model (CIKC-1) and the paper dust reduction model (CIKC-2) have been approved as “Excellent Products” by Miyagi Prefecture.

Product Line

For Paper

  • Dish slitter knife
    (Upper knife)

  • Dish slitter knife
    (Lower knife)

  • Core cutter
    (Score cutter)

  • Score cutter
    (Core cutter)

  • Dish knife, Cup knife

  • Log tissue cutter

For Corrugated paper (Carton) box

  • Slotter knife
    (Upper knife)

  • Slotter knife
    (Lower knife)

  • Anvil knife

  • Slitter knife
    (for Carton box)

  • Carbide corrugator

  • Whetstone for Carbide
    corrugator knife

  • Flap knife