Thermo-electric Modules

Features/Application examples/R&D information


Abundant standard lineup

  • Miniature Thermo-electric Modules
  • Micro Thermo-electric Modules
  • AuSn Thermo-electric Modules
  • Single-Stage Thermo-electric Modules
  • High-Power Thermo-electric Modules
  • Thermal Cycling Thermo-electric Modules
  • Center-Hole Thermo-electric Modules
  • Multi-Stage Thermo-electric Modules

Variety of standard options

  • Metallized products・・・
    Thermo-electric modules that are directly attached to a heating element by soldering
  • Gold plated products・・・
    Thermo-electric modules that are directly attached to a heating element by soldering
  • RTV silicone sealant products・・・
    Thermo-electric modules with (waterproofing) RTV silicone sealant
  • PVC lead wire products・・・
    Thermo-electric modules with flexible PVC lead wires
  • Aluminum nitride thermo-electric modules・・・
    Thermo-electric modules with superior heat characteristics (high performance)

Differences and features between thermo-electric module and compressor

Thermo-electric modules Compressor (compression type refrigeration) Features of thermo-electric modules
DC power supply Motor
  • No moving part
  • No vibration/noise
  • Highly reliable with no wear
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Allows for local cooling
Current direction switching Expansion valve
  • Condenser
  • Heated just by switching the current direction
  • Allows for cooling
  • Achieves ±0.05℃ by PID control
  • Superior temperature characteristics
Electric wiring Airtight piping
  • Fluorocarbon-free
  • Maintenance free with no airtight piping required
  • Highly reliable with no gas leakage
  • No contamination or pollution caused by fluorocarbons+C18
Electronic cooling Fluorocarbon refrigerant, etc.

Application example

R&D informations

Research to improve energy efficiency

As a leading manufacturer of thermo-electric modules, Ferrotec conducts research and development for improving their energy efficiency.

Research into TEG products

We are working on the development of "power generation modules" based on the Seebeck effect (converting a temperature difference into electric power) by utilizing the characteristics of thermo-electric modules.

Product development

We develop products that meet our customers' needs to add new products to our lineup.

Cooling unit development

We are working actively on the development of fluorocarbon-free cooling units using thermo-electric modules. We can also manufacture customized cooling units.

Application product development

Developing an air-cooled circulator.