Thermo-electric Modules

Peltier Type Cup Holder

Thermal Solution & Damping Control for Moving Parts

By using the thermo module, it is possible to easily add heating and cooling functions to the drink holder.
Switching the heating/cooling of the thermo module can be done by reversing the polarity of the DC current.

  • 【Function】
    Hot Drinks
    Hot Warm
    Example: Maintain a drink at 50°C at 50°C.

  • 【Function】
    Cold Drinks
    Keep Cold
    Example: Keep a drink at 5℃ at 5℃.

Peltier Type Climate Control Seat

By using the thermo module for the driver's seat, passenger seat, and even the rear seats, cold air and warm air can be emitted from the seat. Therefore, comfortable driving is possible even for a long time.

  • 【Function】
    Hot air comes out of the seat

  • 【Function】
    Cold air comes out of the seat

Peltier Type ADAS Camera Cooler

The enhancement of ADAS demands a higher perofmance of the camera used in system. Especially those cameras with high recognition ability in distance and precision.CMOS image sencors used in ADAS cameras tend of generate noise in their images as the temperature rises. Therefore , ways to control the temperature rise of CMOS image sensors are required. To achieve this, we are examining measures using Peltier devices to prevent CMOS image sensors from overheating above acertain temperature.

Laser Radar

By scanning the laser beam and illuminating the target object and observing the reflected light, the distance to the target object can be measured and the characteristics of the target object can be specified.
Due to the influence of heat, the laser is difficult to make accurate measurements.Thermo module can be used to control the laser light source and stabilize the measurement accuracy.

Head Up Display

A head-up display (HUD) projected on the windshield requires a clear image.
For HUDs scanned by RGB laser light sources, thermo module can be used to suppress image degradation caused by heat generated by the light source.

Peltier Type Battery Heater / Cooler

It is possible to perform battery temperature control (heating and cooling) with low power consumption by using heat transfer by Peltier heat pump and efficiently using the heat of the atmosphere.

Even if the coolant temperature is high, it is possible to cool the battery to a certain temperature

Even if the coolant temperature is low, it is possible to heat the battery to a certain temperature

Lithium-ion Battery Sensitive To Temperature

Lithium-ion batteries have low efficiency at low temperatures, and high temperatures have a significant impact on their service life. By using a battery heater/cooler that uses a thermo module, it is possible to maintain the battery at an appropriate temperature, improve efficiency in winter, and prevent deterioration in summer.

Why Peltier Elements Are Advantageous

In the case of temperature control only with radiator and coolant, it is difficult to control the temperature of the battery because the coolant temperature fluctuates due to the environmental temperature.

In case of Peltier type battery heater / cooler

Peltier heat pumps make it possible to create a constant temperature difference between the coolant and the battery. Therefore, the battery temperature can be managed without being affected by the environmental temperature. In addition, since the Peltier element can switch heating and cooling operations easily by reversing the polarity, it becomes possible to easily manage the temperature of the battery.
In addition, it has the advantage of lower power consumption compared to resistive heaters (PTC heaters).