Total Solution for All Areas of Industrial Cleaning

Washing Machine

Continuous Batch Washer
Continuous Batch Washer AOW series
  • Energy Saving
  • Cost Saving
  • Space Svaing
  • Wash time: 24min
  • Cycle time: 120sec
  • Capacity: 1500kg/h

Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press ASP-750/760

  • On-Board Eco-Servo System.
  • New Hydraulic press designed with maintenance and sanitation in mind.
  • Standard Load Capacity 50 ~ 60kg.

Centrifugal hydroextractor
Centrifugal Hydroextractor APE-3050A/3060

  • Most compact design in the industry.
  • Continuous Centrifugal Hydroextractor.
  • Standard Load Capacity 50 ~ 60kg.

Washer Extractor AWE-3100
Washer Extractor AWE-3100

  • Fully automatic washer extractor system.
  • Colour touch panel for easy operation.
  • Standard Load Capacity 100kg.

Washer Extractor AWE-1050B
Washer Extractor AWE-1050B

  • ASAHI's Legendary Economat Series.
  • Top-level washing and hydroextraction with a single-motor drive unit.
  • Standard Load Capacity 50kg.

Washer Extractor AWE-1030
Washer Extractor AWE-1030

  • Front-placed detergent and starch injector provides greatly improved usability.
  • Fully automatic washer extractor with excellent washing performance and durability.
  • Standard Load Capacity 30kg.