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Finishing - Ironing Machine

Roll ironer ACR
Roll Ironer ACR series
  • High-Pro Calendar Roll ACR Series.
  • Diameter of 700mm.
  • Width of 3000mm, 3300mm or 3500mm.
  • Height of inlet can be varied.
  • Speed 5 ~ 50m/min.

Roll ironer ACR
Roll Ironer AFR series
  • Chest & Calendar Roll AFR Series.
  • High quality finish for end users.
  • The arrival of the long-awaited "almighty machine".
  • Speed 5 ~ 50m/min.

Tunnel finisher ATF-3
Tunnel Finisher ATF-3 series
  • Hybrid specifications for finishing and drying.
  • Capacity (max) 1200 sheet / hr.

Tunnel finisher ATF-1
Tunnel Finisher ATF-1 series
  • Temperature, air volume and conveyor speed can be set freely.
  • Capacity (max) 600 sheet / hr.