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Drying Machine

Tunnel Dryer
Tunnel Dryer APT-5060 / 5100 / 5120

  • Successor to ASAHI's traditional "Direct Axial Blow".
  • "Side-by-side Installation" method.
  • Standard Load Capacity 60 ~ 120kg.

Tunnel Dryer
Tunnel Dryer APT-5060G / 5120G

  • The gas version of ASAHI's tunnel dryer.
  • High speed capability and energy efficiency.
  • Standard Load Capacity 60 ~ 120kg.

Auto dryer NNT-100
Auto Dryer NNT-100

  • Save factory costs with Energy Saving Dryer.
  • Standard Load Capacity 100kg.

Auto dryer NNT-60B
Auto Dryer NNT-60B

  • Successor to ASAHI's "Direct Axial Blow" system.
  • "Side-by-side Installation" system.
  • Standard Load Capacity 60kg.

Auto dryer NNT-30B
Auto Dryer NNT-30B

  • A Revolution in Drying.
  • Drying time and steam consumption is 50% less than conventional machines.
  • Standard Load Capacity 30kg.