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Finishing - Ironing Machine

Tunnel finisher ATF-3 Tunnel Finisher ATF-3 series
  • Hybrid specifications for finishing and drying.
  • Capacity (max) 1200 sheet / hr.

  • Machine has both a finishing zone and a drying zone for high-quality finish and increased productivity.
  • A hot-air fan in the finishing zone is blown on the items that then strike a hot plate to remove any wrinkles.
  • The drying zone circulates recycled hot air and items are slowly dried going through the zone.
  • With a high degree of insulation, heat-loss is limited and drying efficiency is increased.
  • Standard product specs: (Max.H = 1,500 mm), Tall version specs: (Max.H= 1,800 mm).
  • Can flexibly fit in any layout.

Model Capacity (max) Unit Dimension
Width x Depth x Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
ATF-306 1200 sheets / hour 2,224 × 7,836 × 2,595(Standard)
2,224 × 7,836 × 2,895(Tall height)

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