Thermoelectric Modules - Round Peltier Coolers

Thermoelectric-round module

The peltier coolers in Ferrotec's Round Center-hole Thermoelectric Module series are suitable for cooling and heating applications that generally require intermediate pumping capacity. The round shape makes these thermoelectric coolers an ideal solution for special form-factor requirements. Typical applications for these TECs include industrial equipment, electrical equipment, laboratory instrumentation and opto-electronics. Standard substrates are lapped with +/-0.025mm tolerance.

The specifications below are calculated at Thot=50 °C. Select recommend a module to get a list of potential solutions for your thermal problem from our standard module options.

Model NumberI MaxV MaxΔT MaxQc MaxHeightInner DiamOuter Diam
9506/014/060 B 6.001.9072.006.20 3.3114.0026.00