Thermoelectric Modules - Multi-hole Peltier Coolers

Thermoelectric-Multi hole module

The peltier coolers in Ferrotec's Multi-hole Thermoelectric Module series have been specifically designed for 5.6 mm CAN type laser diodes. The increased contact area between the TEC and the laser diode package enables more uniform cooling and the target temperature to be achieved more rapidly. The optimized thermal contact area results in very stable thermal performance for the diode. Standard thermoelectric coolers are available for laser diodes with diameters ranging from 3.5-9.0mm. For other specific laser diode sizes or specialized peltier cooler design requirements, please contact your Ferrotec representative.

The specifications below are calculated at Thot=50 °C. Select recommend a module to get a list of potential solutions for your thermal problem from our standard module options.

Model NumberI MaxV MaxΔT MaxQc MaxW1 DimL1 DimHeight
9507/023/012 M  1.203.2070.002.00 8.658.652.14