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Vacuum Feedthroughs

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Ferrotec provides advanced technology solutions that make sealed rotating systems work better, more precisely, and more reliably.


In the 1970s, the engineers at Ferrotec pioneered a revolutionary approach to a common mechanical problem, creating a dynamic, hermetic seal for rotating mechanisms. Using Ferrofluid to create a liquid o-ring around a rotating shaft, we patented the first Ferrofluidic® seals which quickly became the gold standard for demanding precision sealing and rotation applications.

Designed In

For over forty years, our engineering and manufacturing teams have been busy refining, optimizing, and re-envisioning our designs for an expanding set of application challenges. That’s why the world’s leading manufacturers turn to Ferrotec for their most demanding precision sealing requirements.

OEM Specified

We design seals for a broad range of industries, shipping millions of Ferrofluidic seals used in a wide range of equipment worldwide. We continue to expand on our original designs with nearly unlimited sizes, complex process fittings, multiple planes of motion, integrated motors, and even computer-controlled intelligence, enabling sophisticated system operation.

Feedthrough Repair

We Provide Feedthrough Repair

We work closely with you to understand your application and determine the root cause of the failure. While the two most common reasons are bearing-related and fluid breakdowns, we can reduce your operational downtime.

Contact Person: Louis (louis@ferrotec.com.my)

Ferrofluidic Seals and Vacuum Feedthroughs