Pure Precision Machining

CNC and state of the art
metrological CMM capabilities

Customized precision machining

Precision Machining Parts Custom-made

Ferrotec has a dedicated 2220 s.q.m area of manufacturing space for precision machining parts. To ensure precision and quality, our facilities' temperature and humidity are managed at 20±2℃. With commitment, we manufacture according to what our customers require by providing solutions through various stages, from consulting, planning, manufacturing, controlling and all other aspects of designing.

Main Equipments

Precision machine facility Coordinate measuring machines
Our list of machining equipments includes 116 sets of :
  • 46 sets CNC, including 9 sets of large horizontal / vertical machining centers
  • 2 sets of large gantry machining center and
  • 1 set of large CNC boring and milling center
  • 6 sets of boring / milling machine (including 3 sets of large boring machines),
  • 17 sets of turing machine(including 1 set of large vertical lathe,
  • 7 sets of large horizontal lathe),
  • 5 sets of grinding machines,
  • 1 set of tapping machine,
  • 1 set of FMS,
  • 29 sets welders,
  • 1 set of automatic welder,
  • 1 set of NC punching machine and
  • 2 sets of NC bending machines.

Machining thermal profile Machining thermal profile
Our Inspection instruments include:
  • 1 set of X-ray camera,
  • 3 sets of CMM,
  • 10 sets of spectrum analyzer,
  • Roundness tester,
  • Helium mass spectrometer leak detector and
  • Tool microscope.