We are the world-leading and the only large-sized cutting tool manufacturer of saw blades. We have whole sets of heat treatment production lines, various computer controlled grinding machines and precise inspection equipment imported from Switzerland, Japan and Germany. We provide our clients with various standard products and after-sales services with utmost assurance in the quality of our products.

We are capable of independently devising and manufacturing both general and thin kerf saw blades in over 3,000 different specifications, as well as customized products according to clients' demands. Our products are widely used in many trades, such as woodworking, furniture manufacturing and non-ferrous material cutting.

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Product Categories

Polycrystalline Diamond Saw Blade »
PCD series of products have the features of hardness, abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity, together with toughness of tungsten carbide. The tool life is usually 30 to 50 times longer than that of the conventional cemented carbide cutting tool. You can find many advantages of PCD tools, such as long cutting life, uniform surface finish, reducing high quality parts, increasing productivity, high material removal rate and lower cost per piece.
Tungsten Carbide Tip Saw Blade »
Tungsten steel alloy is widely used in wood processing, furniture making, aluminum, acrylic and all kinds of plastic and plexi glass. The fine grain tungsten steel blades are high-quality and high-stability sawing materials. The tips are replaceable, making the tool last almost indefinitely if the blade body remains in good shape. If they are taken care of and the tips are replaced regularly, TCT offers you excellent economic benefits.
Cold Saw Blade »
Ceramic alloy cold saw is mainly used for metal cutting operations. Belonging to the heavy cutting related industrial equipment, the saw blade itself is made of special alloy material, making the cuts more refined and achieving higher precision semi-finished products. Additional advantages include minimal burr production, fewer sparks and less discoloration.